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Computerome Contest

The Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences (a.k.a. Computerome) is installed at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark.

The computer hardware is funded with grants from Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen (KU) and Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) - also, it is the official Danish ELIXIR Node.

It debuted in November 2014 at #121 on TOP500 Supercomputing Sites.

The Supercomputer is the stepping stone towards Søren Brunak’s vision, brainchild of Peter Løngreen. This system is transforming the vision into reality every day, playing a crucial role in advancing bioinformatics and healthcare.                You can learn more on

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Computerome Contest. The price for up to 10 people is free entrance to Computerome and the possibility to use it for their projects. We hold it every year. Check out our Hall of Fame below 

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 The champion projects of the Computerome contest 1.0 (2016):

Christian Ravn, Master of Bioinformatics, University of Copenhagen 
Maria Luisa Matey, Master student, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, DTU

Peter Bork, Machine Learning Specialist, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, DTU

 The champion project of the Computerome contest 2.0 (2017):

Georgi Dimitrov, Master of Bioinformatics/DTU, Freelancer - Expert in Machine learning and AI

wKinMut-2: Identification and Interpretation of Pathogenic Variants in Human Protein Kinases

 The champion projects of the Computerome contest 3.0 (2018):







AI Project

The Idea for AI project in our board started by realizing all the benefits that it can bring to our organization.There is a lot of work to be done in order to expand and bring value to the development of the field of Bioinformatics and after all, we are non profit organization and not many can spend much of their free time to help others. We need to establish contacts with a lot of professionals both in the Academy and the Private sector if we want to help the future bioinformaticians to have a better idea what awaits them after finishing their studies and to raise capital to improve our methods in that mission.

The goal of the project is to use opensource Machine Learning, Neural Network and AI Projects to build an AI helper, a new member of our board,  named Loki 0.1, who can help us in reaching to new people to work with and to improve our efficiency in the organization.

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Hardware projects

Open Source Robotic Hand Project

Open Bionics has created a custom Open Source 3D printed bionic hand for  one-handed gamer.

The hand, printed in a flexible material, took just over 24 hours to print on a desktop Ultimaker 3D printer, and was programmed to perform six different actions.    

The Phantom Limb project, commissioned by Metal Gear Solid makers Konami, is a collaboration of artists, makers, engineers, and roboticists that set out to fuse medical technology with the world of video games. 

This bionic limb of the future has been given to James Young, an avid amputee gamer who helped design the arm.


Inspired by Openbionics, we would like to build bionic arm as well and donate it to someone in need. Currently, a budget for the project is being raised.


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